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Located in the historic Valley Forge, Pennsylvania area

We are an active Boy Scout troop with over 89 years of service

Join Us For Our 90th Anniversary Celebration 4 pm on June 17th at Camp Jarvis

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Troop 50 Photo June 8 2016 


Congratulations to our latest Eagle Scouts from our Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 Courts of Honor

James Kirkby Eagle Cake           Henry Geiger Eagle Cake        Joseph Ibarra Eagle Cake


Sign Up Now for Caving Trip

Posted by admin on Mar 6 2017 - 7:05pm

This March, we are doing a Caving Trip, to Crystal Cave, where we will do a guided tour of a cavern, and No. 9 Mine, which consists of a museum and mine tour and and weather permitting, a tour of an active mine. We will be staying at Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation. We will be sleeping in tents, so BRING WARM THINGS FOR AT NIGHT!!! This is going to be March 17-19, and should be a very fun trip. Sign-ups are up now.

Devon 50 Driving Policy

Posted by admin on Mar 6 2017 - 7:05pm

The Devon 50 Driving Policy has recently been added to the troop website under Menu/Policies/Driving. All drivers should learn (or relearn) these rul

Scoutmaster Receives Award

Posted by admin on Mar 6 2017 - 7:04pm

Congratulations to our Scoutmaster John M Corr on receiving the Extraordinary Service Award from Pack 81 on Friday, March 3, 2017!

April 1st Is The Spring Workday

Posted by admin on Mar 6 2017 - 7:04pm

Clear your calendars and Plan to Attend​ the April 1, 2017 All HANDS Work Day​ at CAMP JARVIS. The troop needs ALL YOUR help getting ready for ​Spring.

Cash Your Commission Checks!

Posted by admin on Mar 6 2017 - 7:03pm

Please cash your wreath sales commission check if you have not yet done so. Rumor has it that our Treasurer used special paper which dissolves after 90 days unless cashed! Ok, that is a joke, but please cash the checks so Mr.

Newly Dedicated Road Into Camp Horseshoe Honors JB Rettew

Posted by admin on Mar 6 2017 - 7:03pm

The camp road into Horseshoe is now dedicated to JB Rettew, well deserved and long overdue, JB has work with our troop and the council for many years. D50 Eagle Scout #29 in 1947, D50 Scoutmaster from 1968 to 1981 and recipient of many more BSA awards and recognitions.

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