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Located in the historic Valley Forge, Pennsylvania area

We are an active Boy Scout troop with over 90 years of service 


The Devon 50 Board of Trustees invites you to join the fun for a Devon 50 Social supporting our beloved Camp Jarvis.

This first-ever fundraiser will be hosted at La Cabra Brewery in Berwyn, August 24th starting at 6:00 PM. All participants get 2 drink coupons (adults only), tasty appetizers, and the ability to bid on a list of great auction items. Cost to attend is $75/person.

Your support goes towards the maintenance and preservation of the 9 acres of land and the improvements of Troop Devon 50's home. We look forward to seeing everyone at this special event.

Any questions can be forwarded to Steve Miller at steve.miller@foxroach.com

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Thank you for your continued support!
Devon 50 Board of Trustees



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To help the Trustees of Devon 50, Inc. rebuild the Mike Imperato Rappelling Tower at Camp Jarvis please click on the link below





Posted by 15lawdo on Oct 6 2018 - 10:29am

The deadline to hand in recharter paperwork and dues for 2019 is October 10.

What is Recharter 2019?

BSA issues a charter, or authorization, through each local council (Chester County Council, in our case) to a chartering organization that sponsors our troop (Troop 50). Our chartering organization is Devon 50, Inc., or the Trustees. This charter must be renewed annually and appropriate dues paid to Council in order to officially operate the troop for the next calendar year (2018). The annual renewal process is called "recharter". The council dues are based on the scouts and adults listed in the recharter, which means we need an accurate headcount of scouts and scouters that are members of Troop 50. Your prompt reply to this email and recharter packet submission is very much appreciated by the recharter team.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Posted by 16kruljacp on Oct 3 2018 - 1:55pm

Please visit the Chester County Council training page to view upcoming training opportunities.

Oct 6 Chainsaw Training

Current Open Committee Positions for Adults

Posted by 15lawdo on Oct 3 2018 - 1:54pm

Thanks to all those that came out to the Parent Meeting that was hosted by the Committee. In speaking with a number of you there is interest and need for volunteers. Please consider volunteering for one of our open positions below. Just to clarify many of our volunteer opportunities do not require camping, tents, wearing a Boy Scout uniform nor do they all require multiple hours a week. We have something for everyone!

YPT for 2018-2019 Scout Season REQUIRED COMPLETION

Posted by 16kruljacp on Oct 2 2018 - 9:16am

2018 YPT season has OVERDUE - BSA NATIONAL deadline for completion September 30, 2018. Devon 50 is a large troop so keeping everyone on the same schedule allows for adults to be compliant for the entire year of scouting activities and is the recommendation of BSA to have a YPT Season. YPT is REQUIRED training for all adults who interact with Scouts, as well as a requirement for rechartering with Devon 50. All current YPTs taken during 2017 YPT Season are still valid until September 30, 2018. As a reminder, YPT must be taken annually for all Chester Co Council troops.

ASM for Den Chiefs

Posted by 15lawdo on Sep 27 2018 - 9:55am

Liping Wang has graciously agreed to take over the role as ASM of Den Chiefs. If you are a scout that is First Class or above and is in need of leadership. consider being a Den Chief.

Lost and Found Items From Horseshoe

Posted by 15lawdo on Sep 18 2018 - 2:50pm

Please be sure to check out the lost and found! There are items still from Summer Camp.

Please check both the picnic table on the front porch and the large wooden box located inside of the cabin, under the steps.

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